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List Of Common Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

It should come as no surprise that home renovation tends to be one of the most stressful projects for a lot of homeowners out there. Even though homeowners might think that they’ll be able to handle the project seamlessly, it’s quite easy to make some of the common mistakes throughout your journey. It’s a process… Read more »

Tricks to make your paint last longer!

Well, finally after months of watching the patched and untidy wall, you finally had it painted. The fresh smell of new paint in the house gives you a great feeling. Everything looks fabulous around you and your home shines like new. And this is the time when you promise to yourself that you won’t go… Read more »

How to get the complete house painting done with no stress?

Even if house painting is crucial for a home, it requires a lot of effort and patience. You cannot call it a 2-hour or an overnight project. One has to plan correctly, seek the necessary resources, hire a painter, and do some prepwork before initiating the painting project. If you have avoided this important project… Read more »

House painting – expectations v/s reality and the reasons behind them!

You obviously are inspired by the home décor magazines when you think of renovating your home. But why does it happen that what you expect is not always close to what you get? Have you ever wondered — why doesn’t your home turn out to be the exact replica of the picture you saw in… Read more »

Are expensive paints worth the investment?

Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen or living room that you intend to renovate, you just can’t skip the step of painting the walls and ceilings! When you decide to paint, the only criterion that you have in your mind is of the ideal shade that suits your house. Now, we aren’t denying that the… Read more »