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Well, finally after months of watching the patched and untidy wall, you finally had it painted. The fresh smell of new paint in the house gives you a great feeling. Everything looks fabulous around you and your home shines like new. And this is the time when you promise to yourself that you won’t go back to the dilapidated stage again soon. You secretly make a firm decision to care for your house and this fresh new paint. But do you know actually how to do that?

Let your house paint stay longer by following these tips!

Whether it’s your interiors or the exterior painting job that you intend to do to enhance the beauty of your home, you are shedding loads and desire a long-time solution in exchange for it.  So, why not follow the tricks we have listed below to increase the life of your paint?

The pre painting care — Do you know that the long life of your paint highly depends on the preparations you carry out before the actual painting job? You need to prepare the base perfectly, even prime the surface very well, clean the wall thoroughly, and waterproof the area before you start the actual painting on it. And ensure that you are coating a second shade of the paint on the surface as well for its long life.

Hire a pro for painting — Another factor that guarantees that your house paint is going to last long is the right way in which it is applied. The DIY paint jobs often last as long as the videos teaching them do! And if you call the best and expert painters in Auckland like Flamingo Exterior Painting, they are bound to do the job very well and make your investment worth cherishing for years. They promise a paint job that lasts for around a decade in excellent condition.

Even the quality should be top-notch — Let’s accept the fact! If you are using a low quality and not so branded paint for your home, then you obviously can’t expect it to last longer. You have to get a top-notch quality of paint to ensure that it stays on your walls for a longer period of time with its original sheen and sparkle.

The proper maintenance— The proper maintenance of your house is a relevant factor that adds to the life of your paints. If you are cleaning the dust and dirt regularly, keep on checking the wall for the patches and moisture, then you’ll hardly find it giving away easily. Mind your house’s humidity level as well which often is the enemy of a good paint and destroys it through mould and mildew formation. Also, keep a check on your kids and pets who tend to scratch the paint off the walls. 

In reality, the longer life of your paint is a cumulative solution of the efforts taken before the paint job, during the task, and even after the work is completed (not to mention the quality of the product used). If you are following the right guidelines in each step, then the paints tend to last longer automatically and no additional efforts are required.