Our Services Area

Flamingo Exterior Plastering LTD has always been a premier choice for home improvement services throughout the Auckland region. We offer our professional interior & exterior plastering and painting services in:

  • East Auckland
  • Hamilton
  • My Eden

Upon request, we are happy to bring our quality services to the major suburbs of Auckland.

Our licensed house painters and plasterers have years of experience, in-depth knowledge and training to use the most advanced tools in the industry.

Having such talented and passionate professionals on the team makes us do the job efficiently and quickly. Be it a residential property or a commercial space; we are trained to handle jobs of all sizes. And, in our 10 years of work experience, we have served high-income households, offices, retail shops and commercial shops.

Besides being specialists for house painting and plastering in Auckland, we have expertise in waterproofing and decorative cladding.

So, if you have any requirement related to plastering, painting or decorating in Hamilton, My Eden or other suburbs of Auckland, feel free to connect with our experts and get your free quote.