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You obviously are inspired by the home décor magazines when you think of renovating your home. But why does it happen that what you expect is not always close to what you get? Have you ever wondered — why doesn’t your home turn out to be the exact replica of the picture you saw in the home décor magazine? Let’s concentrate on the paint. The images that you see on the paint company’s website is quite different from what you see in your home even though you picked the same shade and design! Why is it so?

Ø  Why your expectation does not turn to be reality!

You would have seen those funny expectation v/reality memes on the Internet. Well, when it’s the question of painting your home, the results are somewhat like those memes. The results never match your presumptions, and that’s why you are never satisfied with your décor though you spent lavishly for the same. Why? Let’s find out!

o   Paint shades turning to be extremely different from the picture and catalogue —The paint that you are actually choosing from the catalogue isn’t the same when it spreads on the wall. This basically becomes a lighter shade of the colour portrayed in the catalogue when it is put on your walls and this colour even changes its look according to the lights in your room and the amount of sunlight that enters your place.

o   DIY paints – the results are massively different—Do you really believe the videos when they show you that even an amateur person like you can paint the interiors and carry out the exterior painting perfectly? Well, in reality, painting isn’t a child’s play, and those perfect strokes require an expert’s hand which only the professionals can provide. That is why there is such a massive difference in the paint work that is shown in the DIY YouTube videos and the one that you try to do at home by yourself.

o   Paint advertisement shows decades of intact paint and yours fade too soon — Well, this is actually a very sad thing that when you buy a paint from a manufacturer, they guarantee you that it will stay on your home for years. But again, there are so many conditions attached to it. Firstly, the paint should be of a very good quality to last for decades on your property. Secondly, the person doing the job should be an expert in house painting. In Auckland, Flamingo Exterior Plastering appoints painters who do their painting job honestly and perfectly which is a prominent reason for the long life of your paint. And thirdly, the weather conditions around your house impact the life of the paint a lot. If your house is in an area where there are regular storms, rain, and snowfall, then even if you try using the best quality paints, the results won’t be long lasting.

Well, we have tried answering most of your expectation v/s reality queries. We hope that the next time you go for a paint project, you shall have practical expectations (Ergo, you shall not be disappointed with the results!).