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Modern living means small and compact kitchens! While some think it is cool (and easy to maintain), others find it difficult to adjust. Sometimes a small kitchen seems to be claustrophobic. Well, for such people, there can be a world full of openness and awesomeness even in such a space constrained room. Yes, we are serious, and this is very much possible. Wondering how? Hmm. Just keep reading what we share.

Ø  Tips to make your small kitchen appear bigger

Now, you need to make some promises from your side to make the most of this small kitchen. First, you’ll use an extreme level of creativity and secondly you won’t cringe about the expenses. Like, if we ask you to call the best painters in Hamilton for the beautification job of your kitchen, you shouldn’t refuse. Now, gear up with all your creativity and try these easy ways to make your small kitchen appear bigger:

  1.   Utilise the ceiling edge — Feel low on space? Well, we even grant you permission to utilise the ceiling in this case. Take your cabinets all the way to the top. Wall cabinets not only makes the space look neat and consequently large but also helps with storage solutions.
  1.   Add task lighting — No need to invest in a single large lighting fixture. Make it more concentrated and practical by adding task lights. Like, there can be one on the cutting table, other on the cooking top, and one in the sink area.
  1.   Go for a breakfast bar — A long dining table would be too much for your compact kitchen? Then you simply can go for the breakfast bar. It’s chic, modern, functional, and extremely space convenient. Just add some comfy bar chairs to your kitchen island.
  1.   Go for glass finishes — Glass and mirrors, they can be the real game changers in such small spaces. Use glass as the doors for your cabinets to reveal with pride your exquisite crockery that you otherwise can’t flaunt openly because of low space. Opt for translucent glass and add some light inside the cabinet – now enjoy the glamorous glow!
  1.   Downsize your collection — Have 25 bowls, 50 plates, 20 spare jars and 10 more rice plates? And you seem to be only 2 in the house? What do you think these crockeries are doing in your kitchen when they aren’t in use? Well, they are simply eating up the space! Why don’t you get rid of them? You may store them in some other part of the house to free up valuable kitchen space.
  1.   Select lighter hues of paint – One of the best ways to make your kitchen appear bigger is to use lighter and brighter hues of paint on the walls. Call the experts in interior painting from Flamingo Exterior Plastering and let these talented bunch of painters beautify the walls in these shades so that the kitchen appears more open and inviting.
  1.   Add purposeful furniture for storage — Never ever add even a single furniture in your kitchen without knowing its function. You simply don’t have the space to risk that! If it’s a table, ensure it has drawers below, same goes with the kitchen island, and even the cabinets you use – go modular and bespoke to utilise every inch of available space.
  1.   Pull-out pantry — One of the best investments could be a pull-out pantry. You simply have to pull it to get an access to your stock which otherwise remains efficiently hidden in the pantry.


Now that your tiny kitchen is huge on style, you can entertain with elan!