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Are you staring at your kitchen before the much needed renovation and thinking what colour to pick? All we can say is that you aren’t alone in this journey. Almost every homeowner faces this dilemma (and those who don’t go through it are the ones who hire an interior designer!) So, we thought of getting the best tips on selecting the suitable kitchen colours.

Ø  Golden tips to choose the most suitable paint colours for your kitchen!

Interior painting can be called a distinct art. So, when you are checking so many details about the colour palette that you will choose for your kitchen or the interiors, don’t miss checking for the painters on work as well. For instance, the interior painting by Flamingo Exterior Plastering is so far the best in the town. They provide you excellent painting solutions along with plastering services as well. So, you can rest assured that when you hire them, no matter which shade you choose for your house, their job would be to coat your home with that colour perfectly. Now, for the colour selection, we have some fabulous ideas for you. Read them!

o   First decide upon the colour scheme — Before you start finalising the paint colours, think about the colour scheme or the colour family you will like. Whether you want to go for the neutral shades or bright colours, this should be decided in the beginning. Now if your kitchen gets ample amount of sunlight, then you have a choice between the darker tones or the lighter ones. But when the place is small and there’s no exterior light coming in as well, then you are restricted somewhat to go only for the lighter shades. Accordingly, you can decide further about the exact colour that you are looking for.

o   Match the walls with the kitchen island — When you just can’t decide about which colour would suit your walls the best, then you can simply match the shade with your kitchen island. If you have opted for dark coloured marble, then you can simply get a similar shade or pattern painted on your walls. If it is in white natural stone, then you can opt for the lighter ones. This will create a sense of uniformity in the kitchen that looks really impressive when well coordinated with contrasting shades of borders or highlights.

o   Let it match your backsplash — In house painting, it’s entirely normal to pick a paint shade because it goes well with the design or pattern of a focal point of that room. Like for kitchen walls, you can consider the paint shade according to your backsplash tiles. Most of the time, the tiles chosen for this part of your kitchen complements your furniture very well. So, you can either contrast your shade with the tile pattern or go for a similar one to give your kitchen a seamless feel.

We are sure these tips will help you a lot in selecting the ideal kitchen colour for your home. But you can also try picking a single shade and opting for different variants of the colour in your entire kitchen. Or you can simply go for neutral tones which highlight the metallic frames of your kitchen very well. At the end of the day remember that the paint you choose for the walls of your kitchen shouldn’t be too monotonous or very much loud. Keep it warm and subtle for a cosy ambiance.